Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hola Friends,

Since a blog seems the best way to share news, links, musings, photos and, maybe a poem or two with you, I will see if I can join the new century.

"Summer" is almost here! The rains are becoming erratic and less frequent and we have had a few winds strong enough to rattle the roof. It won't be long until all our days are bright and the Christmas decorating season will begin.

Another Thank You to those who left comments at Alegria Bed and Breakfast (Alajuela, Province of Alajuela) - B&B Reviews - TripAdvisor You have honored us with a 5th place ranking out of 23 B&B properies in Alajuela, pretty remarkable considering we are just celebrating our first year. We appreciate all your kind words.

We took a little in-country vacation with friends earlier this year and would like to recommend Hacienda Baru if you want immersion into Costa Rican wildlife. Lots of things to do there for the whole family from zip lines to guided bird-watching hikes to a pristine private beach, all designed to give guests a greater appreciation for the diversity here. Hacienda Baru is about 3 km north of Dominical, convenient for dining, shopping and surfing and makes a great 2 night get-away.

We are excited about our bookings for this season. The word is spreading! As you know, we do not advertise, but depend instead on word-of-mouth recommendations. Thanks to everyone for telling your friends and family about us. The best part of having a B&B is making new friends we never would have met otherwise. Something unexpected: we have bookings from Poland, Germany and France! I am still amazed at how small the world has become with the Internet at our fingertips.

Here are a couple links you might find useful:

Our local weather SJO Weather

Dollar/Colon exchange rate. "Compra" is the number of colones you will receive per dollar exchanged. Exchange Rate


Judy said...

Welcome to the world of blog, Dolly. LOL This is an excellent way to share your world with us. I'm excited about reading about CR happenings. Hacienda Baru sounds wonderful. I'm even thinking of zip lines for our group coming in January. LOL Good luck on your new endeavor.

SeaStar said...

I'm so happy to see your blog here Dolly, and like the way it introduces readers to Alegria Bed and Breakfast. The links work - and you have me yearning to visit - to stay with you and also to go to hacienda Baru. The birding would be so much fun. Good blog for whetting travelers' intentions - mine for sure.

Lynne said...

I've been going through your blog today, Dolly, and it is so interesting and a dream come true. Your links work just fine. I did catch some kind of bug, though, the "travel bug!" It will stay with me until I visit you and Alegria B&B in person. Hacienda Baru is somewhere I'd love to visit also. Wishing you more and more incredible success.

Peggy said...

Love your blog Dolly! I will continue to check back!